Fine Line Capabilities: Additive Vs. Subtractive Methods 

2021-10-18T16:10:13+00:00Blog, Flexible Circuit Manufacturing|

When developing circuitry for an electronic device or product, there are two main ways to go about the process: additive and subtractive. Both processes provide advantages over the other, so neither option is better than the other for every application. Tech Etch has the tools and technology required to provide additive or subtractive circuitry

Prototyping Your Products Parts with Polyimide Film Etching

2021-07-28T12:53:46+00:00Blog, Flexible Circuit Manufacturing|

At Tech Etch, we offer precision polyimide etching for all types of electronic devices and products. When it comes to economy of size and endless applications, few things beat polyimide film. This material can be cut into almost any configuration, including gaskets, screens, washers, insulation layers, and much more. Polyimide film is perfect for prototyping when developing

Using Alternative Conductive Materials For Electronic Devices

2021-07-28T12:53:37+00:00Blog, Flexible Circuit Manufacturing|

At Tech Etch, we can create circuits and other electronic parts for your products using a variety of metals.  Copper is the most common material used in the development of circuitry. It conducts electricity exceptionally well and is a very durable material that is known for its durability.  However, many other materials are

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