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Metalized Fabric Gaskets Types

2400 Series Metalized Fabric Gaskets

Do your products require a high-attenuation shielding? Our nickel-plated, RoHS-complaint metalized fabric-over-polyurethane gaskets are just what you need. Tech Etch’s foam core gaskets are setting a new standard for EMI shielding. Bonding the substrate to the core ensures self-termination when cut and offers top-notch flexibility. Our product profiles have a compression set of less than 3%.

For easy installation, our stick-on mounting features double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape. Just apply on a clean surface and allow a full 24 hours for curing.

Metalized Fabric Gaskets

2600 Series Metalized Fabric Gaskets

In addition to our 2400 series, we also offer a 2600 version. Our custom shielding gaskets use metalized fabric wrapped around a polyurethane foam core where low-cost steel rule dies are used for cutting the fabric . The fabric is bonded to the core, to assure self-termination when needed.

These gaskets can be custom-cut to your specific shape and size. Be sure to consider the following when creating a design for your gaskets:

  • The minimum distance between any cutout to the edge should be equal to the thickness of the material.
  • The minimum hole diameters should also be equal to the material thickness.
  • The softness of the material will influence the dimensional tolerance.

D-Connector Metalized Fabric Gaskets

If you don’t need a custom gasket, Tech-Etch can provide you with a standard D-connector gasket. These gaskets shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors. We offer 5 standard sizes and 4 different thicknesses for each size. Our gaskets are made of metal or conductive elastomers.