Management Spotlight: Kerry Kearney

Management Spotlight: Kerry Kearney

Tech Etch has more than five decades of expertise and experience engineering flexible printed circuits, EMI/RFI shielding, and thin metal components. In this management spotlight, we’ve turned our focus to Kerry Kearney.

How did you first join Tech Etch?

I joined Tech Etch shortly after college, and I was really excited to meet George Keeler, our founder. He took me on a tour of the company. I was really impressed with just the variety of what we do here.

What do you think sets tech Etch apart from its competitors?

One of the things that I think really separates Tech Etch from our competition is that we’re employee owned. We’ve really evolved into the type of company that we are. And we see our competitors, we see what they do, and we see ourselves changing. We see ourselves being respected in the marketplace and in our communities.

What can you tell us about the Innovation Center?

One of the things that I’m really excited about is that in the past few years we’ve developed a group that we call the Innovation Center. So, they’re a five- or six-member team that represents the capabilities of our company. But they do it very quickly. They support our customers’ innovation. It’s the new way products are introduced to Tech Etch.

How do you like working for Tech Etch?

I love coming to work. I love what I do. I love working with the people at Tech Etch, and the way we’ve grown this company. And the way we’ve become a community in ourselves, since we’ve been 100% employee owned, has really made me happy. It’s really impressed me.

What would you say to a new employee about working at Tech Etch?

If you’re coming to work for Tech Etch as an engineer, I think you should be really excited about the new things that we’re doing. We don’t see boundaries in the way that a lot of companies do. We expect you to be innovators within our organization.

Tech Etch’s tagline is “Innovating a Better World, One Part at a Time.” Whether you’re looking for solutions, want to become a new distributor, want to join our diverse team, or apply for one of our scholarships, Tech Etch will inspire, create, and provide innovative solutions! Find out more how we do this by visiting our homepage, and be sure to watch Kerry Kearney’s video on YouTube.