Tech Etch manufactures metal parts of all shapes and sizes. We use a process that combines photo etching for blanking with universal tooling for forming. This allows us to create intricate, burr-free pieces featuring complex designs.

Our process also makes it easy to prove a product for our clients before moving into the production of large quantities. That way, you don’t have to commit to your current design before seeing a sample of your product.

This guide provides detailed information on practical methods to assure proper function of your product at the best cost.

  • Save money by proving your design in pre-production quantities
  • Create burr-free parts in complex and detailed shapes
  • Get ½-depth etching for hand forming on applications such as board-level shielding
  • Add heat shielding for elevated spring qualities

Speak with our team today to learn more about our photo-etching for blanking processes and to place an order.

photo-etching for blanking