Project Description

Mechanical Properties

Tech Etch works hard to provide every customer with the products they need most. We pride ourselves on using top-notch materials for every product. Here is more information on the mechanical properties of our products and what we have to offer:

Optimal sizes – We can create circuits that are up to 16 inches in length. We can also create multi-layer circuits up to 6 conductive layers thick.

Shielding – Additional layers of copper can be added in grid or solid patterns when your products require extra shielding. We can also add ink shield layers where needed.

Flexibility – To allow for manufacturing features that can enhance dynamic performance, dynamic regions should be identified on the print. In regards to the minimum bend radius, a single-layer circuit should have 10x thickness. In addition, a multi-layer circuit should have 20x thickness.

Temperature – The most limiting factor for high temperature rating on continuous services is the adhesive used on the circuit. Typically, epoxy adhesives function well up to 105C (221F) while acrylic adhesives function well up to for 120C (248F). Both types of adhesives can handle normal soldering after a moisture driving bake.

UL – Our flex and rigid-flex circuits can feature UL recognition for flammability to 94-V0 level.