Who we are

Innovating a Better World
One Part at a Time

Our service spans over 60 years, bringing expertise and innovation to every solution we build.

our mission

our values

At Tech Etch, the values that define
us are built into everything we do and
together form the diamond that
represents our unbreakable family
and Commitment to Excellence.


Our History

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The Future of Tech Etch

Today, we work with companies around the world to
create solutions for nearly every industry. We’re
constantly innovating and upgrading our
production process to keep up with demand and
quality requirements. Our team always looks to the
future and strives to be an industry leader in every

Our goal at Tech Etch is to provide every customer
with world-class service, top-quality parts, and
comprehensive solutions that fit their specific
needs. When you partner with Tech Etch, you can
expect the highest quality service from day one.