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Tech Etch manufactures a wide variety of lightweight metal parts as small as .0005” in thickness. We use a photo-etching process that allows us to create intricate and detailed pieces that can’t be made with other processes. This saves on the cost of hard tooling, improves design flexibility, and speeds up production.

We’re setting the industry standard for the manufacturing of filters, lead frames, springs, covers, heat sinks, shutter blades, plates, shims, and other essential EMI shielding products.

At Accion Systems, we have reinvented in-space propulsion for the needs of the New Space industry. The Tech Etch team has been an instrumental supplier in assisting Accion’s Research & Development team to develop cutting edge precision etch & forms from a variety of materials as we develop our next generation TILE engines. Tech Etch has always provided Accion with exceptional service; from project management, engineering support, to quick turn prototype deliveries, Tech Etch’s willingness to bend the boundaries of materials and equipment has been key to our growing partnership as we explore the future of moving in our universe and beyond!

Phil Bedard, Accion Systems, Manufacturing and Supply Chain

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