Tech Etch manufactures a wide variety of lightweight metal parts as small as .0005” in thickness. We use a photo etching process that allows us to create intricate and detailed pieces that can’t be made with other processes. This saves on the cost of hard tooling, improves design flexibility, and speeds up production.

We’re setting the industry standard for the manufacturing of filters, lead frames, springs, covers, heat sinks, shutter blades, plates, shims, and other essential EMI shielding products.

Click to download the Precision Engineered Parts Capabilities Brochure describes and illustrates with photography of over 100 parts how photo etching produces prototype quantities and large production runs of precision parts for many diverse mechanical and electrical applications.

Click to download the Engineering Thin Metal Medical Parts Through Photo Etching Design Brief explains the photo etching process, as well as dimensions and thickness tolerances, heat treatment, forming and minimum bend radii for materials.

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