2500 Series Fabric Over Foam

Our new 2500 series fabric over foam product offering are UL94 V-0 Certified and Halogen Free. They are available in over 150 profiles and sizes. Our electrically conductive nickel-plated copper nylon ripstop fabric over resilient open cell core polyurethane gaskets provide the electrical characteristics necessary for high attenuation shielding.

RoHS, REACH and UL 94 V-0 Halogen Free compliance ensures these gaskets are environmentally friendly!

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2500 series fabric over foam

The 2400 Series Metalized Fabric over Foam — NOW UL94 V-0 RATED

Do your products require a high-attenuation shielding? Our nickel-plated, RoHS-complaint metalized fabric-over-polyurethane gaskets are just what you need. Tech Etch’s foam core gaskets are setting a new standard for EMI shielding. Bonding the substrate to the core ensures self-termination when cut and offers top-notch flexibility. Our product profiles have a compression set of less than 2.6%.

For easy installation, our stick-on mounting features double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape. Just apply on a clean surface and allow a full 24 hours for curing.

 Tolerances Height and Width +/- 0.020 in. ≤ .100 +/- 0.030 in. > .100
Foam Core Open-Celled Polyurethane Foam
Metalized Fabric Nickel Plating over Copper Substrate
Service Temperature -40 degrees F to 194 degrees F
Compression Set (ASTM D3574) 2.6%
Compression Deflection (ASTM D3574) 1.47 PSI
Flammability Rating UL 94 V-Rated
Surface Resistivity (ASTM F390) <.02 Ohms
RoHS Compliant Yes

2600 Series Metalized Fabric over Foam

In addition to our 2400 series, we also offer a 2600 version. Our custom shielding gaskets use metalized fabric wrapped around a polyurethane foam core where low-cost steel rule dies are used for cutting the fabric . The fabric is bonded to the core, to assure self-termination when needed.

These gaskets can be custom-cut to your specific shape and size. Be sure to consider the following when creating a design for your gaskets:

  • The minimum distance between any cutout to the edge should be equal to the thickness of the material.
  • The minimum hole diameters should also be equal to the material thickness.
  • The softness of the material will influence the dimensional tolerance.

D-Connector Metalized Fabric over Foam

If you don’t need a custom gasket, Tech Etch can provide you with a standard D-connector gasket. These gaskets shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors. We offer 5 standard sizes and 4 different thicknesses for each size. Our gaskets are made of metal or conductive elastomers.

Example: Part number 2640-1111-3015-040 is a 15-pin D Connector Gasket.

Specifications Chart

Pins A B C D E F Seq. Part No.
9 1.313 0.98 0.78 .44 .750 .07R. 3009
15 1.641 1.31 1.11 .44 .759 .07R. 3015
25 2.188 1.85 1.65 .44 .750 .07R. 3025
37 2.829 2.50 2.29 .44 .750 .07R. 3037
50 2.740 2.41 2.11 .55 .880 .07R. 3050

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2400 Series Product Sheet Mock Up

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