Innovation Spotlight: Tech Etch’s 2500 Series Fabric Over Foam

Innovation Spotlight: Tech Etch’s 2500 Series Fabric Over Foam

The Tech Etch 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam presents a refined integration of design precision and technological capabilities. With its specific material characteristics and wide range of applications, the 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam is geared to meet the specialized needs of industries that prioritize shielding effectiveness.

Material and Design

The 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam is a manifestation of meticulous engineering. Crafted using electrically conductive nickel-plated copper nylon ripstop fabric layered over a resilient open-cell core polyurethane, these gaskets ensure robust electrical characteristics essential for high-level shielding. Beyond their efficacy, the material selection and design ensure low compression and surface resistivity, withstanding temperatures between -40°F to 158°F (-40°C – 70°C). Such intricacies in design not only promote longevity but also cement its role as a leading choice for varied applications.

Material Characteristics:

  • High Shielding Effectiveness: Engineered to provide optimized protection.
  • Low Compression: Balancing adaptability with structural integrity.
  • Low Surface Resistivity: Designed for reliable and consistent performance.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°F – 158°F (-40°C – 70°C).
  • Core Material: The use of an open cell polyurethane core enhances the product’s overall performance.

Application Benefits of the 2500 Series

The 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam from Tech Etch is more than just a fabric over foam product; it is a versatile solution tailored for specific applications where shielding, grounding, and connection reliability are paramount. Its integration into various industry sectors underscores its efficiency and the tangible benefits it offers in real-world scenarios. Various applications include:

1. Access Panels:

  • Provides efficient electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding for electronics encased within. This ensures that the inner workings are free from external electromagnetic disturbances.

2. I/O Panels:

3. Grounding of Enclosures:

  • It offers a consistent grounding mechanism to prevent static buildup, which can be damaging to electronic components. This grounding capability ensures the longevity and reliability of electronics within the enclosures.

4. Shielding:

5. Connectors:

  • Ensures reliable and interference-free connections between electronic components or systems. The fabric over foam structure provides a mix of flexibility and conductivity, essential for connectors that need to maintain solid contact while accommodating movement or temperature fluctuations.

6. Hinged Doors:

Revolutionizing Local Manufacturing and Distribution with Advanced Supply Chain

At Tech Etch, our domestic manufacturing stands as a beacon of strategic foresight in an era steered by pivotal national initiatives such as the Infrastructure and Inflation Act and the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program. This is not just about compliance—it is about taking a leadership position. When partnering with us, clients gain the dual advantage of complying with the Build America, Buy America Act, plus the inherent benefits of state-side manufacturing. We are more than a supplier; we are an ally in navigating the ever-evolving legislative landscape.

Deepening Commitment to Sustainability:

At the heart of Tech Etch’s ethos lies an unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Not only does this encompass our corporate strategies but it is also reflected in the products we craft. The 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam exemplifies this dedication. Adhering to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH regulations, this series highlights our proactive approach in ensuring products that minimize environmental harm. Further amplifying its green credentials is the UL 94 V-0 Halogen Free compliance, underlining our promise that these gaskets stand as environmentally responsible solutions in the realm of EMI shielding. Our commitment goes beyond mere compliance; it is a pledge to engineer solutions that harmonize industry demands with planetary well-being.

A Harmonized Future of Shielding and Sustainability

In an era where the fusion of innovation and responsibility is paramount, Tech Etch’s 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam stands out as an emblem of this synergy. Beyond its stellar technical attributes and diversified applications, it embodies a deeper commitment: one that bridges industry-leading solutions with sustainable practices. The series, while serving the intricate needs of engineers and developers, also speaks to a larger audience concerned about the planet’s well-being. It is not merely a product; it is a statement of what’s possible when technology and eco-consciousness converge. As the landscape of electronics and manufacturing evolves, the 2500 Series UL-94 V-0 Certified Halogen Free Fabric Over Foam, with its myriad of benefits, underscores Tech Etch’s vision for a balanced, innovative, and sustainable future.