Representative Kathleen LaNatra Visits Tech Etch to Present 8th Annual “Manufacturer of The Year” Award

Representative Kathleen LaNatra Visits Tech Etch to Present 8th Annual “Manufacturer of The Year” Award


PLYMOUTH, MA – October 12th, 2023 – Tech Etch, a prominent 100% employee-owned manufacturer of EMI/RFI Shielding solutions, precision parts and flexible circuits is honored to be named the “Manufacturer of the Year” in the local district. The award, presented by Representative Kathleen LaNatra at the 8th Annual Manufacturing Awards Ceremony, is a testament to Tech Etch’s unparalleled commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability.

The Manufacturing Caucus, established in August 2014, consists of over 70 legislators from the Commonwealth, championing initiatives such as employee training and fostering innovation among startups. With leaders like Speaker Mariano, Senate President Spilka, and Governor Healey at the helm, Massachusetts reinforces its position as a powerhouse in advanced manufacturing, emphasizing the mutual growth of industry and government.

“We are pleased to be recognized as a leading manufacturer in Massachusetts and proud of our engagement with our communities in Plymouth and Fall River” said Tech Etch CEO Richard Cammarano.

In celebration of this recognition, Representative Kathleen LaNatra visited Tech Etch’s facility to personally present the award and tour the headquarters of Tech Etch in Plymouth. MA. The visit was an enriching experience, highlighting the synergy between the state and its manufacturing leaders.

State Representative Kathleen LaNatra said this about Tech Etch and her visit,Tech Etch is an employee-owned company that believes strongly in the importance of community, whether that community is their employees, their clients, or the South Shore. They believe strongly in the responsibility of businesses to be more than simply profit driven, but rather improve the lives of employees, their region and deliver high quality products that benefit us all, which is why I nominated them for this award.”

About Tech Etch

Tech Etch has over five decades of experience and expertise specializing in manufacturing precision-engineered thin metal components, flexible printed circuits, and EMI/RFI shielding, across three locations in the United States (Plymouth, MA, Fall River, MA, and Litchfield, MN). Their commitment to excellence begins with employee-owners who provide world-class services and innovative comprehensive solutions that enhance lives globally. Tech Etch partners with leading global customers in the aerospace, alternative energy, military, medical, telecommunication, and electronics industries that have highly complex precise designs and demanding regulatory requirements. Their solutions ensure unmatched precision, quality, and attention to detail in every project, every time.