Tech Etch, a leader in the manufacturing of EMI and RFI shielding components, announces a partnership with Heilind, the world’s #1 electronics distributor and largest global distributor of interconnects. Heilind joins Tech Etch’s growing list of international distributors for essentialEMI (electromagnetic interference) & RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Shielding solutions.

“With the addition of Heilind North America to our global agreement with Heilind Electronics, Tech Etch is now partnered with all companies under the Heilind Electronics umbrella,” said Tech Etch Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Strangie. “To have the full global reach of such a strong and prolific distributor in the electromechanical space we create an incredible opportunity for growth for both our organizations.”

Earlier this year, Tech Etch announced an expansion of a long-term distribution relationship with Heilind that increased availability of their EMI/RFI shielding solutions throughout Europe.

“We are excited to partner with Tech Etch on a North American distribution agreement,” said Alan Clapp, Senior Vice President Heilind Electronics. “Their industry-leading solutions in EMI/RFI shielding, Precision Etching and Flex and Rigid Flex Circuitry compliments our product offering into the markets we serve.”

North American customers will now have direct access to Tech Etch’s e-commerce platform powered by Heilind allowing for quick and effortless ordering of in-stock EMI and RFI shielding solutions. Tech Etch’s industry leading quality and Heilind’s unmatched inventory and warehouse network, bringing shielding solutions to your door when time is crucial.

Tech Etch and Heilind have been providing worldwide customers with a wide range of essential electronic parts since 1964 and 1974, respectively. Their combined experience in manufacturing and distribution help create medical machines that keep us alive, mission critical equipment that keep our troops safe, and innovative alternative energy solutions that will sustain our future for generations to come.

About Tech Etch

Tech Etch has over five decades of experience and expertise specializing in manufacturing precision-engineered thin metal components, flexible printed circuits, and EMI/RFI shielding, across three locations in the United States (Plymouth, MA, Fall River, MA, and Litchfield, MN). Their commitment to excellence begins with employee-owners who provide world-class services and innovative comprehensive solutions that enhance lives globally. Tech Etch partners with leading global customers in the aerospace, alternative energy, military, medical, telecommunication, and electronics industries that have complex precise designs and demanding regulatory requirements. Their solutions ensure unmatched precision, quality, and attention to detail in every project, every time. For more information, visit

About Heilind

Heilind has built strong, long-term, trusting partnerships and is the #1 electronics distributor and largest global distributor of interconnects since 1974. Today, Heilind is franchised for over 150 of the industry’s leading manufacturers of a wide array of essential electronic parts. For more information visit