Board Level Shielding

Download interactive sales drawing PDFs that let you design your own standard 1-piece, 2-piece, or SlimShield board level shields. Fill in your required dimensions and choose surface or through hole mounting. Then choose materials, finish and other options.

General Information

Tech Etch offers board-level shielding products to ensure proper EMI shielding. We can make standard or customized shields through a photo etching process. These boards are typically etched from .007” to .020” brass, nickel silver, copper, or cold-rolled steel materials. We also offer beryllium copper when flexibility is required. Tin-plate finish is standard but other finishes are available.

If you need shield heights as low as .060”, our low-profile, 2-piece SlimShield is an option. It features a dimpled cover which snaps into etched holes on the fence.

Here are just a few benefits of getting photo-etched board-level shielding from Tech Etch:

  • No need for expensive forming tools
  • Enjoy improved design flexibility
  • Holes and slots provide heat dissipation
  • Intricate geometry can be achieved easily
  • Mounting pin styles are available in any configuration
  • Internal dividers offer multicavity applications
  • Get etched logos at no additional charge

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