Our culture is built from the exceptional employee-owners who make up Tech Etch

It is our spirit that drives Tech Etch towards excellence and allows us to develop meaningful, long-term partnerships with the industry leaders we serve. Being a Tech Etch employee-owner does not just mean we own stock; it also means we are fully invested in the Mission and Values of our business. This total investment from us all is what makes Tech Etch the leader in Customer Service, Innovation, and Quality.

Why Employee Ownership

Tech Etch was founded in 1964 by George Keeler, who pioneered the photo chemical etching process and grew Tech Etch to be in step with high-tech manufacturing industries. He also understood that every good company knows that the people are the most vital asset of the organization. Without top quality talent who care about their work, no business can thrive. That’s why George decided to make Tech Etch employee-owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). An ESOP is a qualified defined-contribution employee benefit plan that provides the workforce with an ownership interest in the company. As employee-owners we directly influence Tech Etch’s stock price with increased performance, innovation and quality. We personally benefit when Tech Etch thrives In the simplest terms, our ESOP is a retirement plan. Stock accumulated through our ESOP is part of Tech Etch’s benefits package, which also includes a 401(k) plan; health, dental, and life insurance plans; and comprehensive paid time off.

Tech Etch Employee-Ownership

We believe in this fundamental concept behind employee ownership: When the people who handle the day-to-day work at a company have an investment in the organization, they take pride in the work that they do, work harder, and care more about the products and the clients.
At Tech Etch we have a personal stake in the outcome of our success and every solution we provide, as well as ownership of our values, decisions, and results.
We take pride in our employee ownership and even more so in knowing that the solutions we provide enhance lives across the globe. We understand this is the heart of our mission. When we touch a part, we touch a life. What we do makes a real difference. This simple truth motivates us to explore new opportunities, take on continuous improvement initiatives, and deliver new solutions.

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