Customer Testimonial: Biotek Instruments

Customer Testimonial: Biotek Instruments

Michael Sheehan, a Buyer Planner at Biotek Instruments, has experienced first-hand the excellence of Tech Etch’s customer service. From knowing how to get in contact with the right people, to providing high quality parts that meet their customers’ needs, he is full of praise for Tech Etch.  

The following testimonial explores why he chose Tech Etch and what makes us stand out from other companies when it comes to customer service. With insight into how we can provide such excellent support and a look at some of our processes that make this possible, you too can experience the same top-notch customer service from Tech Etch as Michael did. 

How Did You Hear About Tech Etch? 

When I got the purchasing position at Biotech three years ago, they were part of the account that I was given. So, that’s how I got to know about them and went visited them in the fall of 2018 just to meet a couple of the folks.  

Why Did You Choose Tech Etch? 

They’ve been a long-time supplier of Biotech and they make the parts that are needed for our specific needs. They’re specific in what they do for parts, they have unique parts, and they fit with what our design engineers needed.  

What is the Best Part About Working with Tech Etch? 

I’d say the people; they’re good folks. When I need to get hold of somebody, they respond. I’ve been through a few direct contact folks in my short time working with them. Everybody seems to do a really good job. The person I have now, Lisa, does a fantastic job, and my outside support, Daria, keeps track of what’s going on and gets involved if needed. It’s nice to know that they’re watching over to make sure things are moving. 

Final Thoughts about Working with Tech Etch 

Again, I enjoy the people and their quality. I will say this, I don’t ever recall doing a quality DMR with Tech Etch, which I think is a huge compliment to any company, right? So, when you can stay away from having to get the quality folks involved, that’s just saying they’re doing the right things, in my opinion. So, that just tells me that their process works well in their quality department and up through is working well. That’s a huge compliment, again, because they do send a lot of parts to Biotech.  

About Tech Etch Solutions and Services 

Tech Etch is a leading provider of custom parts and components for nearly any industry. Our advanced manufacturing processes and international connections allow us to get your products exactly when you need them, all within budget. In addition, we develop meaningful, long-term partnerships between our employee owners and the industry leaders we serve; and by ensuring unmatched precision, quality, and attention to detail in every project, every time.  With our team of knowledgeable professionals, you can trust that your parts will be high quality and meet your specific needs.  

Contact Tech Etch Today for Exceptional Customer Support 

At Tech Etch, we can help you with your next project, just like we helped Michael Sheehan. Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer working with us on protypes or quick turnarounds on parts, you can be sure that we will always strive to provide the highest level of customer support possible. Visit our Request A Quote page to learn more!