EMI Shielding Fan Vents

Plymouth, MA….8200 Series Shielded Fan Vents are designed to provide EMI shielding and maximum airflow without degrading the fan output. These vents provide a low cost option to perforated metal when airflow rates are critical. Tech-Etch stocks fan vents in seven sizes corresponding to industry standard fans with standard 4-hole mounting. Shielding performance is achieved from 1/8 cell aluminum honeycomb panels mounted in high-strength extruded aluminum frames with beryllium copper shielding strips for shielding the frame to the enclosure. Since the honeycomb design yields 97% open vent area, unrestricted airflow results in reduced turbulence plus lower noise levels than vents constructed from perforated metal. Dust screens consisting of multilayer expanded aluminum can be added, but airflow will be restricted.