EMI Shielding Metalized Fabric Gaskets Have Less Than 3% Compression Set

Plymouth, MA….Tech-Etch offers Metalized Fabric over Elastomer Gaskets as standard strips with seven different profiles, Standard D-Connectors to shield most 9-pin through 50-pin connectors, and custom configurations die cut to customer specifications. Strips come in many standard sizes for the following profiles: Square, Rectangular, Flat, D, C-Fold, Knife-Edge, and Dome. Ideal for telecom and computer applications, D-Connector Gaskets are offered in five standard sizes with multiple material thicknesses for each size. All gaskets have compression set values of less than 3%, and are RoHS compliant. Installation is simple and fast with Stick-on mounting. Nickel plating over a highly conductive copper substrate provides the excellent electrical characteristics necessary for shielding effectiveness of greater than 100dB attenuation. The corrosion-resistant plating has superior galvanic compatibility, which increases shielding longevity. Metalized fabric is bonded to a low compression force, open-celled polyurethane foam. Soft to the touch, this user-friendly shielding is highly flexible and provides continuous contact between mating surfaces.