Military EMI/RFI Shielding Products

Plymouth, MA….Tech-Etch manufactures a variety of EMI Shielding products for critical military and aerospace applications. Supershield is a silicone elastomer filled with conductive metal particles to provide high EMI shielding effectiveness plus an environmental seal. The Supershield family uses eight basic conducting media with material specifications to MIL-DTL-83528. It can be supplied in a variety of sheet sizes, standard extrusion sections, or as standard or custom die-cut gaskets. Other conductive elastomers include Multishield with a matrix of wires embedded in silicone rubber and aligned perpendicular to the contact surfaces. Monoshield consists of a fine monel or aluminum which is expanded (as per MIL-S-46044) and impregnated with a 50 durometer silicone rubber. Weaveshield is comprised of a woven aluminum wire screen impregnated with either a neoprene or silicone elastomer. For shielding larger openings Quiet Vents provide high ratings of up to 90 dB attenuation. Shielding performance is achieved from two ¼-inch thick honeycomb panels assembled in a cross cell configuration. Shielded Fan Vents are designed to provide EMI shielding and maximum airflow without degrading fan output. A complete line of beryllium copper finger stock gaskets and wire mesh gaskets is also offered.

Samples of EMI Shielding Products and full specifications are available at where a 52-page Shielding Products Catalog can be downloaded.