New Robotic Spray Coating Process Applies Conductive Coating to Batteries, Fuel Cells and Energy Storage Devices

Plymouth, MA….Tech Etch has designed and developed a robotic spray coating process used to apply conductive coatings to battery current collectors, fuel cells, and other energy storage devices that require low resistance coatings. Conductive coatings enhance battery performance with improved electrical contact between active materials and the current collector, resulting in longer battery life and reliable cycle life. They also provide oxidation and corrosion protection which enables aggressive electrolytes and provides extended shelf life by reducing leakage and self-discharge. The robotic nature of the spray coating equipment, with an articulated spray head that delivers coatings from all angles, provides very uniform delivery of the conductive coatings. The system ensures even and complete coverage of components with very tight coating thickness tolerances. The equipment is designed to deliver both epoxy and water based coatings.

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