Precision Component Etching of Materials Used in Medical Implants

Plymouth, MA….Tech-Etch’s photochemical machining process produces intricate components from specialty materials used in medical implants and implantable devices. Nitinol is used for stents and surgical fixation applications. Because Titanium is inert and completely biocompatible, it is used in maxillofacial and craniofacial reconstruction plates, as well as anode and cathode battery current collectors and telemetry antennas found in implanted medical devices. Elgiloy is employed for stiffener bands in high fatigue applications. Because Tungsten is extremely dense, 71% heavier than lead, it is used for grids to collimate and attenuate stray x-rays in CT scanners, as well as ID tags for implanted medical devices. Polyimide is etched to produce haptics for intraocular lens implants in cataract surgery and other corrective implants. Tech-Etch also manufactures custom flexible printed circuits found in implanted cardio defibrillators, pacemakers and neurostimulation devices.

Parts range in thickness from .0005” and up. While providing quick turnaround and low tooling costs, photo etching produces burr-free parts with intricate and complex shapes. Designs can be proved in preproduction quantities without having to commit to expensive tooling. Laminating, plating, heat treating, and assembly are offered in-house.

Download a copy of our Precision Engineered Parts Capabilities Brochure (1.7Mb pdf).