Tech Etch Announces Partnership with DigiKey as New Distribution Partner 

Plymouth, MA – July 8th, 2024– Tech Etch, a leading provider of precision-engineered components and assemblies, is excited to announce DigiKey as our new distribution partner. This strategic Tech Etch DigiKey partnership aims to enhance the availability of Tech Etch’s innovative products and solutions to a broader range of customers worldwide, particularly in the electronics and high-tech industries.

Enhancing Global Reach and Accessibility 

The Tech Etch partnership with DigiKey, a globally recognized distributor of electronic components, marks a significant milestone. DigiKey’s extensive distribution network and robust digital platform will enable Tech Etch to deliver its high-quality precision parts, including flexible printed circuits, EMI/RFI shielding solutions, and precision metal parts, to an even larger audience. This collaboration will ensure that customers across various sectors have easier access to the components they need to drive innovation and achieve their technological goals. 

Commitment to Quality and Innovation 

Tech Etch is renowned for its commitment to quality and continuous innovation. Our products are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards, ensuring reliability and performance in critical applications. By partnering with DigiKey, Tech Etch can leverage DigiKey’s logistical expertise and customer service excellence to provide enhanced support and delivery speed, thereby meeting the growing demands of the market more efficiently. 

Customer-Centric Approach 

Both Tech Etch and DigiKey share a customer-centric philosophy, focusing on delivering exceptional value and service. This partnership is set to enhance customer experience by providing comprehensive support, from product selection to delivery, ensuring that customers receive the right components precisely when they need them. 

“We are thrilled to partner with DigiKey, a leader in electronic component distribution,” said Mark Strangie, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Tech Etch. “This collaboration will not only expand our global reach but also ensure that our customers receive the highest quality components with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Together, we are poised to drive innovation and meet the evolving needs of the high-tech industry.” 

About Tech Etch   

Tech Etch has six decades of experience and expertise specializing in manufacturing precision-engineered thin metal components, flexible printed circuits, and EMI/RFI shielding, across three locations in the United States (Plymouth, MA, Fall River, MA, and Litchfield, MN). Our commitment to excellence begins with employee-owners who provide world-class services and innovative comprehensive solutions that enhance lives globally. We partner with leading global customers in the aerospace, alternative energy, military, medical, telecommunication, and electronics industries that have precise designs and demanding regulatory requirements. Our solutions ensure unmatched precision, quality, and attention to detail in every project, every time.  

For more information about Tech Etch and its services, please visit Tech Etch. 

About DigiKey 

DigiKey, headquartered in Thief River Falls, Minn., USA, is recognized as the global leader and continuous innovator in the cutting-edge commerce distribution of electronic components and automation products worldwide. We get technical by providing more than 15.3 million components from over 2,900 quality name-brand manufacturers with an industry-leading breadth and depth of product in stock and available for immediate shipment. DigiKey also supports engineers, designers, builders and procurement professionals with a wealth of digital solutions, frictionless interactions and tools to make their jobs more efficient. Additional information can be found at and on Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Contact Information 

For more information, please contact: 

Tech Etch  

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