Tech Etch Successfully Completes ISO 13485 Surveillance Audit, Reinforcing Its Dedication to Medical Safety

[Plymouth, Febuary 7th, 2024] – In a significant development, Tech Etch recently completed the surveillance audit for ISO 13485 at both its Plymouth and Litchfield locations. This achievement underscores the company’s dedication to global medical safety and its ongoing success.

The Quality Management Team at Tech Etch played a pivotal role in this accomplishment. They hosted Perry Johnson Auditor Chuck Smith for an extensive six-day review, covering all operational shifts. The successful completion of this audit highlights Tech Etch’s continuous efforts to uphold a world-class and award-winning business management system.

This milestone is not merely about meeting compliance standards. It demonstrates Tech Etch’s capability to produce components for safe and effective medical devices, aligning with the stringent regulatory requirements of their customers. Tech Etch has been instrumental in the healthcare sector, supplying critical components for various medical devices, including ventilators, ultrasound systems, and pacemakers. These contributions are crucial in enhancing and saving lives, reflecting the company’s significant role in tackling global health challenges.

Bruce Appelgate, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Compliance at Tech Etch, expressed his gratitude and pride in the team’s achievement: “A heartfelt thank you goes to all our employee owners who have exemplified exceptional capability and pride in representing our company. This accomplishment is also a shared success with those who were not directly involved in the audits. Every member of our team should feel satisfaction and pride in their work, knowing that their commitment to excellence has contributed to this remarkable outcome.”

This event serves as a reminder of the collective strength and potential of the Tech Etch team. The company’s story, marked by employee ownership, quality products, innovative culture, and superior customer experience, is a testament to its commitment to enhancing lives globally.

As Tech Etch celebrates this significant achievement, the company acknowledges the contributions of every team member, reinforcing the notion that they are more than just a workforce; they are a family of employee owners, united in their mission to innovate for a better world.